Fifty Over Fifty

With life comes experience and every year is another number to our age.  Today 50 is the new 30 and I would like to celebrate the stories and life of so many members of the community, nonprofit, and business world.  For 2022,I am launching a special photography portrait celebration of 50 individual in their 50’s.  This is a story telling photo essay of experience, excitement, contributions, inner/outer beauty, and much more.

I will begin with accepting nominations with a paragraph of the individuals. Portraits will be taken with 10 nominations per month and completed by summer 2021 with a special reception.  The goal is to take the photographs in the individual environment that tells a story of who they are or what they have completed.  Individuals that have made a difference, succeeded from challenges, have a special talent, business owner, community role model, or just a positive giving individual.  This is about community and sharing stories.

Help me celebrate the great age of 50 and how we enjoy life and community.  If you like to nominate an individual or yourself, be included in the photography portrait collection, please email David Zumaya at  Sponsorships are available and everyone’s support will help us share these stories.  

Written by

David Zumaya