The Film Hub

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Inspired Images Studios - Coworking office space with audio and video facilities including soundstages & set rentals
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The Film Hub
170 Eucalyptus Ave
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The Film Hub
Business Member Overview

A professional coworking space... with professional video and audio production facilities.

Imagine a modern coworking office space that also had professional, Hollywood-grade video sound stages and audio recording facilities… a place where you could work and produce all of your media.

That’s The Film Hub.

Every corner of The Film Hub is designed for capturing images.  It’s a playground for content creators.

With a network of professionals all under one roof, assistance is just steps away.

All members enjoy discounts and accrue credits towards using our amenities (sound stages, audio / podcast recording rooms, etc). This dramatically cuts the cost of production.

Who can be a member?

Your business does NOT need to be involved in the film or TV industry to be a member and benefit from all of The Film Hub’s amenities.

Community & Culture

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”.-Winston Churchill

We believe personal success is inevitable when we help others. Together we encourage and inspire one another.

We believe inspiration is given to those who freely desire to give. The Film Hub is developing a like-minded, gracious family who work together for each others success.

Be the inspired artist you are meant to be.