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My name is Lynette James, the owner, and chef of The Étouffée Café on wheels. I am passionate about food and healing which has been fueled by my own health and spiritual journey.

During this journey, I have learned from both books and personal experiences, that food can be a powerful tool in healing.  Food can not only help aid the body in healing from physical ailments but also spiritual and emotional ailments as well.  Our food in the U.S. has become littered with GMO's and chemicals both in processed food and in our processed food which blocks our body from functioning properly.  One of these aspects that I have studied is how food affects our chakras that run through our body so I infuse my cooking with love and positive energy to help provide balance and harmony to your meals.


I am excited to hear from you soon so I can create a fabulous meal that will make both your taste buds and your chakras sing.