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Tom Souther and Kim DeGiulio are Team Souther at NRL Mortgage. As top Mortgage Loan Officers in San Diego, CA and Denver, CO they have been helping people obtain financing for their home purchase and save money with a mortgage refinance for over 17 years
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Team Souther
2171 S. El Camino Real #201
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Team Souther
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Team Souther MissionO


Engage with you, the members of the community;

Educate you on available mortgage options;

Empower you to make informed mortgage decisions for you and your family.

How to qualify for a mortgage can be confusing if you don’t have the right Loan officer helping you through every step of the home loan process.  Team Souther’s focus is to answer your mortgage questions and dispel mortgage myths, erasing all your confusion and stress.

Knowledge is Power;that’s why Team Souther is not just in the business of doing home loans, they are in the business of educating people to make correct decisions for their family.