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Sew O'side is committed to bringing you the best learning, even in this time of uncertainty. We now have our Pattern Packs available for purchase! Just select which projects you are interested in, add to cart and check out! Once you have your Pack, come back for the Video Tutorials to follow the Step by Step instructions to complete your project! Remember to share pictures of your finished pieces!
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Sewing classes and workshops
designed with the beginner in mind.
Oceanside, CA

With a lack of funding, our schools have dropped many of the Art programs that were once available. Sew O'side is here to pick up some of that burden! We focus on the functions of sewing, teaching skills and confidence so that students can learn through simple, step-by-step instructions. Our goal is that each student can thrive on their own and work their way through a pattern (or design their own).

Evening and Daytime Classes are available to both children and adults in a fun, but safe setting. All machines are on site, we just need YOU!