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DroneQuote Survey is a third-party solution to site surveyingthat utilizes drones and skilled technicians to safely gather site details andprovide you with HD imagery, detailed site reports, accurate layout + design,and a completed permit.

We work as a third-party to your projects, we can ramp upor down to meet the demands of your pipeline.

We are Aurora solar experts and our completed permitpackages are produce by local drafters that understand code and regulations forSouthern California jurisdictions.

Questions? Give us a call 619-535-9197

Dronequote Measure

  • Generate     accurate roof reports quickly.
  • Calculate     pitch, square footage, & linear measurements.
  • Identify     roof components including ridge, flashings, eves, gutters, valleys, rakes,     etc.
  • Identify     slope counts, square footage by section, and differences in slopes.
  • Unlimited     use & unlimited roof report generation.